Where I Work

This comes with acknowledgements and thanks to Nimbus Publishing for including me in their ongoing Where I Work series … 

Today’s special author for #WhereIWorkWednesday is Robert Rayner, author of “Black Water Rising” (https://www.nimbus.ca/store/black-water-rising.html?___SID=U).


About his work space, he says:
“My writing workspace, what I hyperbolically refer to as ‘the office,’ is a former back porch at home, long ago walled in to form a kind of uninsulated summer room, which has become a year round workroom, still uninsulated, and therefore inclined to be a bit parky early in the morning in winter. It’s not only a writing workspace, but also a music teaching preparation room, and a waiting room for music students, and a general dumping ground for camera and music equipment.
It’s where I draft stories in the early morning, and do the business stuff associated with writing. It’s also where I tidy up written stuff, like transferring revisions done on a hard copy to computer. (I always draft in longhand, and almost always rewrite from hard copy, something to do with needing the ‘distance’ a hard copy creates in order to read objectively, I think.)

Black water CoverMAY2