Libby’s Legacy

Checked in on my Book Trailers and Music Stuff YouTube site today and was astonished to find the Libby Song, the little ditty I wrote to introduce Libby (of my stories ‘Libby on Strike’ and ‘Libby’s Got the Beat’) to young audiences, and that I videoed with music teacher Sara Hill’s St. George Elementary School (New Brunswick, Canada) choir back in June 2013, has now amassed over 10,000 views, far outstripping the next most viewed item (me playing Miss Celie’s Blues) which stands at a mere 3,979 views. So thank you again, Sara and students (students who would now be in high school and I hope happy with their musical legacy!)


A Winter Warmer

For Valentine’s Day, and as a counter to the currently raging blizzard, here’s an oldie (oldie in the sense of when composed – 1982! – and when I recorded this lovely Dan Coates arrangement, 2014) … The Wind Beneath My Wings.