Slouching towards Leaving Colorland


For the fans of Colorland who are anxiously awaiting the sequel, here’s how it stands: It has a provocative (I hope) title, to wit, Leaving Colorland. It has a very rough, unfinished draft, in fact more of a draft plot with considerable elaboration, that so far has reached 30,000 words, many of which will be deleted. It has an opening paragraph (subject to revision, of course) starting: He feels them before he hears them. A pulse in the air …

I mention this not only to salve the impatience of Colorland fans, but also to offset the notion that a rather spasmodic writer’s blog like mine, rather than a regular blog, with at least a weekly entry, such as the promoting-yourself-as-a-no-name-writer experts recommend, does not necessarily mean the writer-blogger is accomplishing nothing.

For example: Colorland The Sequel is underway, if in painfully slow fashion. (The photo, courtesy of Nancy R., illustrates the appalling conditions I have to endure as I work on it.)

At the same time, I’ve been proofing the new edition (by Speaking Volumes Press) of my first adult novel, The Ragged Believers, for release in the next few weeks, nearly sixteen years after its original publication by New Brunswick’s own, sadly lamented, DreamCatcher Publishing.

And I’ve been dealing with the final stages of a new teen/crossover novel, Black Water Rising, due for release in September by Nimbus Publishing, flatteringly described by Halifax writer Steve Vernon as “a rolling read that will sweep the reader away like a paper boat caught up in a flash flood … guaranteed to entertain and enthrall … Rayner’s best work yet!” and by Ontario writer Rich Meyrick, equally flatteringly, as “an environmentally charged, edgy drama”.

I’ve also recently finished final proofing of a new teen story, Riot School (nice title for a book by a former school principal), due for release any day now by J. Lorimer, that explores the theme of what form should protest by young people take when they object to a decision that directly affects them and no-one will listen.

Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Slouching towards Leaving Colorland

  1. Black River Rising is exactly what Steve Vernon describes! Being honoured with an advanced copy it was certain I couldn’t put it down till the very end to be confident with who did it.

    Such a majestic place to write and visit your muse! Keep it up- your books mean something to their readers.

    Thanks for writing,

    Sarah Butland
    author of Life Imitated

    • Thank you, Sarah. I’m honoured you agreed to read the advance copy. Haven’t seen your comments yet; they’re on an inside page somewhere. Hoping life is good in lovely New Glasgow!

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