Almost Speechless (2)


Picking up where I left off last blog …

062 073

Rather than blame the saltatory nature of writing for stalling me in my efforts to outline the plot of a new story, I could equally well blame two weeks in Scotland for leaving me (almost) speechless, at the same time justifying the substitution of pictures for words, because the pictures render words unnecessary.

067 093 - Copy

So here are Eilean Donan castle, the Highlands, Ullapool, and a rather sad and pensive looking Walter Scott brooding over Edinburgh.





2 thoughts on “Almost Speechless (2)

  1. Beautiful photos, Rob. Eilean Donan is a special place for me. Rich’s family claim a connection with the castle through a distant link with the Clan McRae. Now you know where Ben and Sam get their surname!

    • Rich is distantly connected with the Clan McRae but (I think he told me) has never been to the castle, or to Scotland? Mind you, it has a violent past. Maybe family history best left undisturbed!

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