Familiar Defiance

A small, isolated community is under threat from a fiscally prudent government intent on rationalising services to rural areas.

A familiar scenario?

I thought it was back in 2007 when I wrote Defiant Island, a poignant and gently funny story about a remote island’s struggle not only to survive, but also to preserve its independence in the face of government cutbacks. Rereading it in preparation for a new edition I was struck by how much more topical and relevant the novel has become.

In a kind review of the original edition Terry Seguin (of CBC Radio and Television) summed up the story like this: “An absorbing story of a proud people’s fight to survive … A story of struggle and enduring friendship … a story about love.”

Defiant Island was originally published by New Brunswick’s own DreamCatcher Press. It’s been out of print since the company folded a few years ago, but is now re-released in a completely new edition by Speaking Volumes Press.

I should receive advance copies today. Meanwhile, here’s artist Rick Turylo’s stunning and evocative cover of the new edition.

defiantisland - draftA


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