When Life and Fiction Collide


I love it when real life and fictional life collide, one overlaying and intermingling with the other, so that what you read (or write) weaves a subtle passage through daily life.

Here’s an example: I recently came across this description (in slightly paraphrased form) of a top photographer at work: “He really could hyperfocus, for better or worse … When you hyperfocus, you forget everything else… I’d talk to him and you just couldn’t penetrate, he was so locked and loaded on what he was doing.”

Now it’d be fun – except I don’t have the resources or means to offer prizes – to have a competition: Name the recent work of fiction in which the three principal characters learn to attain this same hyperfocal state, although they describe it in different terms.

So no prizes – unless you count the thought of the beatific smile that would cross my face at each correct answer …

… And the correct answer would be my recent crossover novel, Colorland (Speaking Volumes Press), in which the three principal characters, Ridge, Isolde and Wenden, refer to the attainment of this real life hyperfocal state as Going to Colorland.

For me, it’s prize enough to come upon another parallel between life and fiction.


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