Hardships and frustrated hopes

With Defiant Island coming up for reprint, like The Ragged Believers and Second Wind, the other titles of the Atlantic Trilogy, I’ve been re-reading and tweaking the manuscript, and found myself (excuse the conceit) completely ensnared all over again by the story and the characters, and, as always, overwhelmingly – and embarrassingly! – moved by the epilogue.

The re-reading also brought home to me how topical – prescient, even – the story is, and a recent kind review by writer friend Wendy Dathan (author of Swallowtail Calling: A Naturalist Dreams of Grand Manan Island, and My Dust Will Dance), makes the same point: I started reading Defiant Island for the second time at five in the morning and read until eight. And I loved it as much the second time as the first. It’s a great book, well paced, warmly sympathetic to the problems of growing old, with a deep understanding of the hardships and frustrated hopes of those of us who live in isolated island communities when our ocean resources are failing and higher government levels no longer see beyond inappropriate and inhumane urban concentration solutions. A triumph of the human spirit.

Here’s a repost of the original trailer.



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