Working Nirvana


When you’re met at the door by two charming and efficient young men from grade five, standing beside a sign announcing one of your stories as the Milltown Reads selection, you wonder what better start there could be to a working day.

And when the day continues with the grade five gentlemen staying with you as assistants and guides, carrying guitar and books and bags, and with Thanksgiving lunch (a week early but who cares), including dessert, and with a series of bright and curious faces from kindergarten to grade five peering up at you (I should learn to read and talk while sitting on the floor but find it difficult to think without pacing), and with a series of audiences of impeccably polite and attentive students, then it’s hard not to conclude you’re in working Nirvana.


It was the launch of Milltown Elementary School’s Libby Project, in which students will read Libby’s Got the Beat, and follow up the reading with an assortment of projects, to be determined by each class, that derive from the story. We did the launch by my visiting each grade to talk about and read from Libby’s Got the Beat, and sing the Libby song.


Can’t wait to see the results of the project, and maybe hear a whole school rendition of the Libby song. Have to wait three months, but that’ll make it a bright prospect for the dark days of January.


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