Siren Call

pic-1 20150928_161103

The siren call of St. Martins, New Brunswick, and the hospitality of host Kathy Miller-Zinn, took us back this week to the lovely old Tidal Watch Inn for a reading (by me) to an erudite and charming group of Road Scholars (formerly Elderhostel) from all over the U.S.

20150928_154150 018

Before the reading: time to re-explore the picturesque seaside town, with its twin covered bridges and photographer’s paradise harbour, and the spectacular nearby Fundy Parkway, and as a bonus some extra high and low tides.


Then … what to read? Settled (arbitrarily, as always) on excerpts from Colorland (the prologue, and Ridge’s first experience of transcending to Colorland), Defiant Island (Patrick’s journal for Penelope, and the Premier’s visit to the island store), The Ragged Believers (chapter one), and, after asking the audience to imagine themselves back in grade 6, the making cookies episode from Total Offence.

040 CQBoEmzUcAEDqO7

Thanks to the audience for their interest and questions and friendliness, and to Kathy for inviting me (again!) to read. Hope my listeners enjoyed listening as much as I enjoyed reading.


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