Around the World with Colorland!


Yeah, I know I’m naïve in this techno world, but this still blows me away …

Just supposin’ you wanted to buy a print copy of Colorland and went on Amazon. In Canada you’d get it for $19.72, whereas in the U.S. it’d be $14.95 (ouch). You could pick it up for 9.60 British pounds in the U.K. and it’d be a trifling 14.24 Euros in France but it’d set you back 14.45 Euros just up the road in Germany. In India you’d find it for (look out) 1,124.00 Rupees, impressing me with how highly good literature is valued there until I realised that’s about $22.50 Canadian. And if you found yourself in Brazil and went looking a good read, Colorland is available only (so far) in Kindle form for a mere 15.64 Brazilian Real.

And if you’re living near li’l’ old St. George, New Brunswick – I still have a few copies left at a bargain price.


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