Here at Last


Toasting the release of Colorland in print form. It’s already available as an ebook from Indigo, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, iTunes, etc., but in print form it just feels that much more … real.

The crossover novel is a new departure for me, a thriller (I hope) with a touch of fantasy that from the portentous opening words, Isolde is crying again, launches you into a whirlwind of Adventure! Rebellion! Romance! Heartbreak!

Just received my advance copies, from which I may have a few to spare that you can get (if you live around St. George) for a special come-and-get-me-quick tax free price. I have more coming and suspect I’ll be starting a waiting list. Copies will also be appearing in stores soon.



2 thoughts on “Here at Last

  1. I wrestled with the spelling, Carole – but succumbed to American spelling because Colorland is published in the States. Btw – have a book to drop off to you for the library.

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