Island Rhapsody (Revisited)


I hesitate to rhapsodise (again) about White Head Island, for fear of flooding it with tourists, but I think the barriers of distance (it’s in darkest Atlantic Canada) and inconvenient travel (two ferries) and hardly anywhere to stay once you get there, plus the fact that only a dozen or so people read this blog, anyway, make it safe to do so.

So here are a few alluring pictures …

20150701_104117-1 20150701_070951-1 

20150701_071912-1 20150630_145915-1

Returning home via Grand Manan Island, strolling on the North Head wharf while waiting for the ferry, we noticed a fishing boat named Second Wind, the title I used for one of my stories, set on a fictionalised … Grand Manan and White Head Island.


If the captain reads this, and gives me a call, I’d be happy to supply a copy!


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