Take a deep breath and …

Got the story. Just can’t write it.

Can’t find voice and tone. Can’t decide point (or points) of view, linear or non-linear time.

Usual remedy #1: Walk and ‘talk the story’ into digital voice recorder, then transcribe. But voice recorder needs bare hands, so risk frost bite just holding it, and fingers too cold to manipulate it, anyway.

Usual remedy #2: Take a break from the story, work on something else, come back to it fresh, and … And that didn’t work.

Usual remedy #3: Write any old stuff until words start to flow, so wrote pages and pages of rubbish (always do, of course) and … And that didn’t work either.

Usual remedy #4: Abort! But not ready to do that, not yet, not quite. Still feel it’ll work out in the end. (It’s happened before; always worked out in the past, in the end.)


Frustration like a boil.


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