Mystery Readers

Idly perusing stats for this blog, I’m astonished – probably naïvely – all over again at the number and variety of countries in which it is or has been read. Who are these readers? How do they stumble upon a trivial blog by a no name writer living in a little town in a little province in Canada?

Some of them I can guess at, family members or friends living or working around the world, in England and Spain and Hong Kong and Ethiopia, but others are a tantalising mystery.

I mean … Iraq! Who is reading my blog in that troubled country – unless maybe the geologist I sat beside, flying from Frankfurt to Khartoum, with whom I exchanged names and emails (promptly and foolishly lost), and who urged me to visit him, and he’d show me around. Could it be that brief friend has stumbled across the blog and is reading it now?

So here they are – not out of self-aggrandisement, but out of naïve wonder at the way our messages effortlessly travel the world – the latest list of countries:

Canada, England, Scotland, United States, Ethiopia, Russian Federation, Spain, Hong Kong, Australia, Luxembourg, Jersey, Macao, Iraq, Denmark, Italy, Republic of Korea, St. Lucia, Greece, Switzerland, Jamaica, Philippines, France, Columbia, South Africa, Panama, Czech Republic, Germany.


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