I know I’m technologically and digital-age naïve compared with, say, most eight year olds of my acquaintance, but still I can’t quite believe the following stat, which I share not out of any desire for self-aggrandisement, but out of a sense of wonder at the shrinking of the world:

This inconsequential blog, which I started a year or so ago after I twice discovered publishers who declared on their websites that they were not interested in seeing any work by a writer who didn’t have a blog (don’t know what to think of that – how ‘bout you?), is now read, or has been read, in the following countries: Canada, United States, England, Scotland, Ethiopia, Russian Federation, Hong Kong, Spain, Luxembourg, Jersey, Australia, Macao, Republic of Korea, Greece, Philippines, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Columbia, France.

Which renders me – you’ll be happy to know – speechless.


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