The Problem with Rain … Solved!


I know – you’re looking at the picture above and thinking …

1. Is he nuts?

2. Why is the dope writing in a rainstorm?


1. Yes.

2. Because he can.

And the reason he (that is, I) can is … The notebook and pen are waterproof.

They arrived this week, an out of the blue gift, in response to my whining blog of a couple of weeks ago on The Problem with Rain.

The problem is – was! – that when I’m rewriting a story, and can’t think how to fix a problem, I like to walk, because for some reason walking helps me think things through, and as I think things through I like to make notes, on a voice recorder or in a notebook, which works well – until it rains, and then the voice recorder makes a fizzing noise and stops, and the notebook disintegrates into a soggy, unreadable mess.

It took me some time to track down the sender of the problem solving pen and notebook (manufactured and supplied by Outdoor Shopping, of Greentown, Pennsylvania). Turned out to be (I should have known) one of my sisters, who read the blog, and knew about Outdoor Shopping (and, presumably, about the necessity sometimes of writing in the rain), and to whom I send renewed thanks, and will thank again, every time I walk and write in the rain.

All of which demonstrates …

  • I have a thoughtful and generous sister (but I knew that)
  • There’s a solution to everything, even writing in the rain
  • Whining pays!

So – what shall I whine about next?


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