A Festival, a Fall Fair, a Fabulous Wedding, and Another Wearisome Week of Not Writing

With the band playing at a festival, a wedding and a fall fair, and my getting ready for a new year of teaching music, as well as the actual start of teaching, it’s been a busy month on the music front, while writing has hit the doldrums as I wait to hear the fate of one teen story (i.e. rejection) and the release date of another (but almost certainly something will go wrong and it won’t happen).

In fact, writing has more than hit the doldrums.

I mean – why bother, when it’s going to end up as yet another story destined never to reach the world?

You may have noted the tone – just a hint – of scepticism in the paragraph above, a conviction that things will not turn out as hoped. It’s a kind of self-defence mechanism learned from the writing business which dictates that you assume the story you’ve just spent a year or more working on is rubbish (every time you work on it or re-read it you become more convinced of that) and will be rejected outright by every publisher in North America, or, if it’s accepted for publication, before it’s released the publisher will have a change of heart or will go out of business or the publishing house will be burned down or flooded or hit by a cyclone so that the release date becomes … never.

(My record for frustration is the publisher who had one of my stories on the publishing schedule for over a year and then decided not to do it after all.)

Hands up if you understand the source of my inveterate pessimism.

Ah well. There’s always the more productive music scene with which to cheer oneself up. Here we are – the band, Stepping Out – getting set up to play at the hugely and deservedly successful Charlotte County Fall Fair, at the Ganong Nature Park near St. Stephen, New Brunswick.

IMG_2052 (1)


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