Blueberry Blues


To paraphrase a friend’s comment: “We’re so blue!”

Actually, the band’s blue shirts were an accidental addition to the blue theme of the afternoon at the Wild Blueberry Festival in St. George, New Brunswick, but it meant we fit right in, among the blue outfits of Ms. Blueberry and her young friends, and of the blueberry processing plant in the background.

Looking back, I suppose we (the band, Stepping Out) could have played a whole afternoon of blues, so that our music blended with the theme of the afternoon as well as our shirts.

Not just the 12-bar variety with all its variations, but songs with blue in the title. Blue Bayou, Blue Velvet, Blue Suede Shoes, Blue Moon, Song Sung Blue, Blue Christmas, Blue Hawaii, Forever in Blue Jeans, Famous Blue Raincoat, Am I Blue?

And of course Blueberry Hill.

The list goes on (and that’s just off the top of my head), without even mentioning all the (real) blues titles or the eponymous blues, like Joe Turner’s, and Miss Celie’s.

(Why so much blue in songs, anyway? There’s the association with The Blues, of course, and, by extension, ‘being blue’, but the fascination with the colour seems to go beyond that. Why, for example, Blue Suede Shoes? Why not Yellow Suede Shoes?)

As it turned out, we added Blueberry Hill to the playlist almost at the last minute, as an acknowledgement of the band’s venue, the Festival’s ‘On the Farm’ afternoon, for which we provided background music for the crowds who came to see demonstrations and displays and tasting of blueberry products, and to view the blueberry processing operation.

Through the weekend the Festival featured lots of music, a ball hockey tournament, customer appreciation week at local businesses, charity yard sales, a spaghetti supper, a hoop-a-thon (another fund raiser), a car show, runs (or walks, if you preferred), and a church breakfast (with blueberry pancakes, of course).

In other words, the best of small town life.

Thanks to Granite Town Farms, of St. George, for organising the Festival, and for their contribution to both the economy and the vitality of the town.

And for giving Stepping Out a blue but fun afternoon.



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