Border Music


Woke to the sound of rain.

Eat breakfast looking out at the rain.

Walked in the rain.

Abandoned all thoughts of the fun of playing al fresco, as planned, as I loaded amp and keyboard into the car in the late afternoon with rain still threatening and set off for the border town of St. Stephen, New Brunswick, for that town’s Summer Sounds series of concerts, rain actually falling as I drove.

But – presto! – the sun came out on the way, and we (the band, that is, Stepping Out) played to a big and responsive crowd on the St. Stephen waterfront beside the St. Croix River that forms the border between St. Stephen and Calais, U.S. (regrettably pronounced Callous, but you might as well accept it because if you say CAL-ay no-one will know what you’re talking about).

Here’s another al fresco musical moment, from another time and place. Unfortunately the piano was beyond being played upon, but it made a fun picture.



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