Revisiting Ethiopia

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It was Monday morning back to school for me this week – to spend a happy and rewarding day with students at St. Stephen Elementary, on the border with the U.S. in New Brunswick.

Usually in school visits I talk about writing and read a few episodes from my books. But all my writing during the past year has been for teens, and I had nothing new to share with the students, whom I’ve visited annually for several years during Family Literacy Week. So this time, for something different, I talked about my two visits to Ethiopia for CODE – where I went, how I got there, what I saw, what I did, and – most important – what I learned.


I talked about the work of CODE (the Canadian Organisation for Development through Education), especially its work in Ethiopia, and showed photographs and a video of Addis Ababa and Debra Zeit, and answered lots of questions. Then, with the help of student models, I showed off the gifts of traditional robe, vest, dress and head scarf I brought home, bringing a little bit of Ethiopia into a New Brunswick classroom.



One thought on “Revisiting Ethiopia

  1. Its amazing, you did very great job. The children in ethipoian dress are so beautiful. you have introduced Ethiopian dressing culture. it is nicely done. Bravo,! Robrt aaaaaaand Nancy

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