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Really – what nicer start to a working day could there be than this? The posters greeted me at Fairvale Elementary School, New Brunswick, a few weeks ago. It’s one reason I love visiting schools to read and talk about writing, and one reason I do what I do. (I remind myself of this when I’m getting frustrated with a new story.)

Another school I visited was Touchstone Academy, in Rothesay, New Brunswick, where I spent a day with the grade 3-4 students and their teacher, Ms. Kati. The visit was the culmination of a project the class had been working on for several weeks. Last week I was honoured and flattered to be included in the ‘literacy’ section of the school’s new website, from which I quote (with permission):


     The green class experienced “full circle” learning in literacy. Ms Kati chose a novel written by a local author, Robert Rayner, to read aloud to the students. The whole class fell in love with the story and begged Kati to continue reading books from the series to them. When the class finished listening to the second book, the students decided to dress up as all of the characters from the series at our school literacy celebration.
      Next, we surprised each student in the class with their very own copy of the third novel in the series. After reading each chapter, students completed mini projects, including alternate endings, readers’ theatres, short films and much more. The full circle learning concluded with a visit from the author! He spent the morning completing writing activities with the class, singing songs with the students about his characters, reading to the class, and listening to excerpts of the students’ work that they presented to him. This unit was exciting, motivating, and inspirational for these students, deeply engaging them in their literacy learning.

Katy N.

The visit was as exciting, motivational, and inspirational for me as the unit was for the students. Thank you, Ms. Kati and students.

PicMonkey Collage456

Here we are doing the Libby Song, which I use to introduce the main character of Libby on Strike and Libby’s Got the Beat.



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