Workshopping in Ethiopia


I’m an inveterate sceptic about the efficacy of writing workshops.

So at the end of co-presenting a writing workshop on behalf of CODE-Canada and CODE-Ethiopia for writers thinking of entering the Burt Award for Young Adult fiction, I’m probably not the best person to ask if it went well.

But … I think it did!

Between us, my co-presenter, Luleadey Tadesse, of Addis Ababa University, and I covered the usual topics – plot construction, developing characters, what makes a ‘good’ YA book, writing and editing as a process, etc. – and invited participants to try a number of writing projects that (we hope!) illustrated and enriched the topics discussed, and that may later blossom into material for an extended work.

Here’s the whole crew – participants, administrators from CODE-Ethiopia, Luleadey, and me – on the steps of the Ministry of Education, near the famous Arat Kilo in downtown Addis Ababa, where the workshop was held.


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