Reflecting as I start drafting a new story …

It seems antithetical to the ‘creative process’, but I have to discipline myself to write a certain number of words per day to avoid procrastination. (Well – not procrastination so much as attending to other really important items on the to do list, like counting how many paper clips there are left in the little container on my desk and estimating when I’ll have to get some more.)

So – how many words per day to aim for?



An ambitious 5,000?

Reminder to self: Set realistic, attainable goals.


Settle for 25?   


2 thoughts on “Ambition

  1. Still trying to decide – but tending towards 1,000. Should try for 2,000 but I know I’d fail.
    P.S. I’ve counted paper clips; next move is sharpening all the pencils in the other little container on my desk.

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