IMG_4080… my favourite brand of toothpaste (Tom’s) (whoops), please terminate our virtual relationship. So here we go. I was privileged recently to travel to Ethiopia on behalf of CODE (Canadian Organisation for Development through Education), to sit on the jury for the Burt Award for Ethiopian YA literature, and to conduct workshops on editing and book design, with a return trip in December for writing workshops. Here’s the farewell lunch the CODE-Ethiopia team treated me to after the last workshop – a traditional Ethiopian meal of assorted meat and vegetable dishes, some eye wateringly hot, laid out on the ubiquitous injera. More about Ethiopia next time. (Okay – that’s more than 100 words, but this bit doesn’t count.)


As I was saying, once I reach 100 words, no matter if I’m in the middle of a sentence, I’ll stop. So the blog will be a healthy exercise in brevity and conciseness. What spurred this late entry (16 books ‘out there’) into the blogosphere was my discovery of a publisher who is not interested in receiving any submissions from authors without a blog. I mean – it’s hard enough pitching a ms. already. One more thing before I really get into this: The moment I start writing about relationships (my own, I mean), or what I had for breakfast, or

Another blog? Yawn …

For nearly ten years I’ve resisted doing a blog, although if you’re an author, albeit a no-name author like me, it seems you’re expected to have one. Now at last I’m joining the 21st century and have a blog! – but with self-imposed limitations of … a) only one entry per week, and b) only 100 words per entry, limitations imposed mainly because – well – who’d want to read any more than 100 words once a week from me (even supposing anyone wants to read that much). So once I reach 100 words, no matter if I’m in the middle of